Web based event management software for golf and banquet industry professionals

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EventPro360 Event Management Software

Why choose EventPro360 as your event management software solution?

EventPro360 Event Management Software

Always Accessible

Access your event calendar and data from anywhere! Whether you are at work, at home, or on the road, all you need to access EventPro360 is an internet connection. EventPro360 is also compatible with tablet and smart phones.

EventPro360 Event Management Software

Always A Time Saver

You are busy, and your time is precious. EventPro360 helps maximize your efficiency. For example, re-booking a recurring event takes about 10 seconds, copying all event details and files to next year’s date.

EventPro360 Event Management Software

Always Secure

Valuable event data is rigorously backed up and protected by high-level security. You decide what level of access each user in your company has. Easily create and manage your users.

EventPro360 Event Management Software

Easy to Learn

Our intuitive design will have you up and running in a flash. Implementation is a breeze with no hardware to buy, and nothing to install on your computer.

EventPro360 Event Management Software

Easily Customizable

EventPro360 was designed by golf and banquet industry professionals. We know that you need systems that are flexible, and can be tailored to suit your needs.

EventPro360 Event Management Software

Easily Affordable

EventPro360 offers the best value in golf and banquet event management software. Our flat-fee pricing is simple, and easily fits into just about any budget.

EventPro360 Event Management Software

Stay Connected

With EventPro360, event details are seamlessly shared between managers, so it’s easy for your entire team to stay on the same page with one another.

EventPro360 Event Management Software

Smart Reporting

In just seconds, you can generate detailed reports including historical sales, future projections, sales leads, lost/canceled business, and much more.

EventPro360 Event Management Software

Document Generation

Produce professional Event Orders for Banquets (BEO), Golf (GEO), and Catering (CEO) events. Easily customize which fields to show and hide from your Event Orders.

Access your events from anywhere, with any device

EventPro360 Event Management Software
EventPro360 Event Management Software
EventPro360 Event Management Software

It’s time to say good-bye to the hand-written events calendar and the binder full of BEO’s and GEO’s. With EventPro360, your event calendar and details are always at your fingertips. For added convenience, your calendar of events can be synced and overlaid onto your Outlook calendar, Google calendar, phone calendar, and more.

EventPro360 event management software is easily accessible from:

Windows PCs

Apple Computers


Smart Phones

Save time by working more efficiently

EventPro360 Event Management Software

EventPro360 Event Management Software


“With EventPro360 event management software, we are able to keep all of our event information current and in one location. No more running to the office to check space as we have it available at our fingertips.

St. Andrews has a large volume of events that rebook year after year. Prior to EventPro360, we had to regenerate all of the paperwork; now we copy the info to the new date and we are done. This has saved us countless hours, enabling us to concentrate more on our customers and selling new events.

EventPro360 has been a great addition for St. Andrews!”

Bill Crouse | General Manager | St. Andrews Golf & Country Club

Protect your valuable event data with first-class security

EventPro360 Event Management Software

EventPro360 event management software is hosted in a high-security datacenter that features 24 x 7 x 365 staff, key card access, and physical ID checks. Redundant systems including multiple internet service providers, diesel generators for 24 x 7 uninterruptible power, and RAID configurations ensure 99.9% uptime.

EventPro360 Event Management Software

Learn and implement with ease

No installation

You don’t have to download or install anything – just visit our web site and log in

No maintenance

You don’t have to perform any updates or maintenance, we keep your system up to date at all times

Totally compatible

EventPro360 works with the devices and hardware you already have, all you need is an internet connection

Short learning curve

EventPro360 is designed to be intuitive, which means you spend less time trying to figure out how it works

Easy training

Learning to use EventPro360 takes just minutes, so you can spend your time being productive

We're right here

We’ll help you design and customize your system, and will provide all the ongoing support you need

Easily fits into just about any budget


Simple Pricing

Our pricing is simple and affordable. We offer a flat rate per facility using EventPro360.

Unlimited Events

With unlimited events, you can expand your business without expanding your costs!

Single Facility

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Events
  • Unlimited Support

Multi (per facility)

  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Events
  • Unlimited Support


Unlimited Users

With unlimited users, it’s easy for your whole team to stay in communication with one another.

Unlimited Support

You can rest easy, knowing we’re just a phone call or email away.

Customizable to fit your operation

Our settings tree allows you to easily make edits to your system design on your own, instantly!

Customize drop-downs, item lists, menus, taxes, service charges, and more

Create custom calendars to be printed or synced to other devices, using our advanced event filtering and display options

EventPro360 Event Management Software

Keep your team connected

EventPro360 Event Management Software

“EventPro360 has definitely helped our staff communicate between departments more effectively. In addition, our front line staff appreciates the constant updates that are possible by checking the events calendar. EventPro360 event management software was a great decision for Oneida and we’re looking forward to using even more of its features in the future.

Troy Newport | General Manager | Oneida Golf & Country Club

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Reporting made simple


Our powerful reports put incredibly detailed data at your fingertips in just seconds

Report on any time range, event type, status, and much more, with customized columns showing exactly the data you need to see

Export filtered and customized data to Microsoft Excel for further analysis

EventPro360 Event Management Software

Generate professional documents

Sample Document

EventPro360 Event Management Software

EventPro360 Event Management Software

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Create Document Prints or PDFs in Just Seconds

Easily create customized and professional Golf Event Orders (GEO), Banquet Event Orders (BEO) and Catering Event Orders (CEO).

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View our informational videos

5 Minute Tour

The perfect place to start, this video provides an overview of what EventPro360 is all about. You’ll get a glimpse of the calendar, individual event pages, and reporting capabilities.

EventPro360 Event Management Software

Generating Documents

The EventPro360 document feature allows you to create templates for any document including proposals, contracts, invoices, event orders, function sheets, and much more. Use the templates to generate documents in just seconds.

EventPro360 Event Management Software

Calendar Detail

The EventPro360 calendar includes customizable colors and text formatting for your various types of events and notes. Custom calendars can also be synced to Outlook, Google, Phones, web sites, and more.

EventPro360 Event Management Software

Reporting Detail

This video will give you an idea of the valuable reports that can be generated in EventPro360. With our powerful event management software, stats that used to take hours to come up with are now at your fingertips any time!

EventPro360 Event Management Software

Contact Management

EventPro360 event management software allows you to import contacts, categorize your contacts by group, export contacts, view event history and statistics for a given contact, and much more.

EventPro360 Event Management Software

Access Management

We encourage our clients to have lots of users. Our flexible permission levels allow you to pinpoint exactly what each user can view, edit, and manage in your event management software system.

EventPro360 Event Management Software

Settings Tree

EventPro360 event management software can be easily customized to fit your facility. While we are always happy to help with customization, you have control and can make adjustments instantly on your own as well.

EventPro360 Event Management Software

Multi-Facility Features

EventPro360 event management software was designed with multi-facility companies in mind. This video will show you some of the features available that were developed specifically for multi-facility users.

EventPro360 Event Management Software

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